Full County Press for #RoseFestival2016

Hey, look who got the front page of the Orangeburg Times and Democrat this morning! We’ll be out at the Claflin University booth at the Festival of Roses this weekend. Haven’t filled out a survey? Prefer the old-school paper version? Stop by and see us! I’ll be pickin’ and grinnin’ for a while tomorrow morning. Two of Claflin’s best and brightest will be out there all weekend with the whole County. Come on and get your survey filled while you get your fill of Rotary turkey legs, Fiske fries, mini-donuts and lemonade!

‘Til then, here’s a fun one from tonight’s street dance, sponsored by the Downtown Orangeburg Revitalization Association (DORA):

Men of Distinction, and a new leading lady who distinguished them, too!




Author: artclecticacademic

Peter Hoesing is an ethnomusicologist who specializes in the music of southern Uganda. He is a percussionist and a vocalist by training, and he has studied a number of Ugandan string instruments. His broad-ranging artistic and cultural interests inform his musicking, research, teaching, and writing.

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